Chile, Me Gusta Mucho Que

Chile, I really like you.

I am about to finish up on my third week here in Santiago, and wowowowow. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. How the heck do I only have five weeks left? Insane. 

Since I last blogged, nothing too too crazy happened but definitely some eventful moments! I am really starting to get a hang of my schedule between the University and Grace College, which is a school btdubbs. Last week, I travelled all the way to Grace College ALL BY MYSELF. I know, I know, that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I mean, it kinda was. I had to leave my house at 6am to take two subways and a bus to get to Recoleta by 8am. I did it all by myself and only had one mishap. Unfortunately, on the bus I had absolutely no idea what stop to get off. Julian drew me a map and gave me a landmark (lol) but it was dark outside since the sun doesn’t rise until 8:30am. Luckily, this woman asked me in Spanish where I was going and then a guy with an English accent chimed in and helped me. I’m assuming they could tell I was lost by the sheer fear of terror on my face. I’ve never been really good about hiding my emotions. Also, I own a cheetah print peacoat. I never really thought I would stand out but when everyone else is muted colors, you definitely stick out and people stare. That week I successfully taught music to 3-6 year olds and instantly fell in love with the kids. 


My precious kindergarteners!

The rest of the week was good, minus getting a small cold on Wednesday. The weather here is cold, y’all. I mean like in the thirties at night and because there is no insulation in the houses it’s even colder inside. I pretty much sleep in a bunch of layers with about 7 blankets. Luckily, I kind of enjoy the cold. I think I have some of my dad’s Colorado blood in me! 

On Friday, we went to the stadium again to hand out coffee and pamphlets. There was another protest but it was maintained by the police, praise the Lord! Afterwards, we then went to John’s friend’s house to watch Chile vs Boliva. Ultimately, Chile won 5-0 and continued into the quarter finals and actually, last night beat Uruguay 1-0 and is going to the semi-finals! I never thought I was actually get into soccer here… After the game, we decided to go to Plaza Italia downtown. Plaza Italia is where people go to celebrate, chant, sing and well, party. We definitely went just to experience it but it was interesting. We only stayed for about thirty minutes and then headed out, which we had good timing since five minutes later, fighting and looting started happening.    


Weekend went well and I actually got a new host family. My first host family could only have me for two weeks since their daguther was coming back so I am now in a new one that;s actually a few blocks from Julian and his family (yay!). Plus, the window in my room leads to the roof where I can see the Andes Mountains!  

The only thing is, I don’t have a key to get in and out of the house. Chileans can be very weary of giving their house keys out so my host wants me to call her when I get back… To say the least, as someone who is independent, it’s a tad frustrating to have to rely on someone else. Plus, sometimes you get locked out of your house but can’t escape the garden. Oh, get this story. 
On Tuesday afternoon, Julian and his family dropped me off at my house after school. Now, this is my first day at this house so i don’t have a key, nor do I think I will get one. I was let in by their family friend, went to charge my phone and went downstairs into the front yard to play with their dogs, because, well I really miss my dogs! The thing is, doors here tend to lock automatically after being shut, so I went outside and then as I tried to head in, the door was locked. So I thought, okay, I’ll just leave and walk to Julian’s since it’s a few blocks away and we’ll call my host family. Well, houses here have gates in front of their front yard and you have to have a key to open it… Yeah, I was stuck in the front yard. I had no way out! The only options I had were to wait it out until someone got home or climb their really pointy fence. Numerous times I tried to climb the fence, but once I got to the top and was about to jump, I chickened out. I was stuck in their front garden for over two hours… You could say, I was mad, frustrated and I may have cried, shocker. Sometimes, I truly believe I have the worst luck, but in the end, I just laugh at myself, because this stuff kind of happens to me a lot. 

The rest of my week has gone well, thankfully, and tomorrow, I get to see one of my dear friends from Texas, Lucy! She has family here in Chile so it will be so nice to have a friend here for a day!

Prayers are always appreciated as I continue to stumble through learning Spanish, especially now that my host family speaks Castilian Spanish. Help! I am starting to pick up more but I continue to struggle with communcating.

I’ve really enjoyed blogging and hope y’all are enjpying it too! Next blog post will be about the differences between Texas and Chile! There are many differences, some good and some bad, but it’s made me appreciate home more! Until then, ciao! 



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