Sólo Cinco Días Más…

Only five more days…

These last couple of weeks have flown by and been super busy, which is why I haven’t blogged recently. My bad, y’all!

Where to start… First of all, I can’t believe I leave in five days! FIVE DAYS. How has it gone by that fast? Many people asked me, in Spanish and English, if I am ready to leave and honestly, I’m filled with mixed emotions. Two months seems too short but at times, seems enough. There have been a few moments when I wanted to give up and hop on a place back to the States but then, there have been some amazing moments in this wonderful country. 

Here’s what I am gonna miss from Chile and what I could do without, haha.

1. The Weather/Scenery: Okay, I know I have talked about how cold it is and how I have to sleep in like five layers to stay warm, but honestly, I would rather have that than be dripping in sweat and swatting at mosquitos (I’m talking about you, Houston). Even though it’s cold, during the day, it feels amazing and sometimes there is no need for a jacket! Plus, I have loved seeing the Andes Mountains covered in snow everyday. It’s incredible here! But with the cold, comes freezing water. It’s easy to take for granted hot water and I am so incredibly excited to have a hot shower and not have to worry about the water temperature changing on me.


You could say I’m obsessed with the Andes.


2. The People: Now, I have encountered some really rude people, don’t get me started on my experience at the zoo, but most of the people here I have met are so kind, friendly and thrilled I am in their country. I’m going to miss the kids at Grace College but mostly, the Pizarro family. They truly have become a second family to me and their kids are so dear to me. I know I am going to be a hot mess and have already cried thinking about saying goodbye to them. Seriously. Thanks Julian for getting me all emotional. Plus, all the incredible pastors and missionaries here are so kind and welcoming!


Pretty much my adoptive family!
My three minions!
The zoo with the Herringtons and Pizarros!
3. The Food: Some of the food here is super plain and at times, lame with flavor, but I will seriously miss empanadas. Like, oh my goodness are they good. Not good for you, but you know, treat yo’ self! Also, Chileans know how to make pastries, coffee and chocolate. I am bringing back so much chocolate back home and cannot wait to have little tastings with my friends and family. Also, home cooking here is wonderful and cooked with love. When we went to La Cruz, about an hour and a half from Santiago, we had the privelege to stay at a family’s house for a day and a half. They cooked us this amazing lunch with fried fish, called Merluza, and fresh vegetables from a farmer’s market. It was AH-MAZING. Best meal, hands down! But don’t get me wrong, I really miss my sweet tea, Chick-Fil-A, kolaches and my dad’s fajitas. First stop is definitely Chick-Fil-A though!


The best waffle place!
Fried Merluza! YES.
Learning to make homemade empanadas!
Getting all emotional… due to onions lol
Empanadas Pino!

4. The Transportation: I really love the subway system here. It’s so easy and fast and goes all over Santiago. I really wish Houston would invest in one, seriously. Who do I talk to about that? But I really miss my car and being able to drive anywhere. The closest metro station, or subway, is about 15-20 minutes from me, which isn’t horrible but when you’re running late or tired from a long day, it’s frustrating to not have access to quick transportation. Also, I really don’t like the buses here. Yes, they are efficient and cheap, but my heavens, the drivers and crowds. They brake like mad men, don’t fully stop to allow people on or off and they will stuff the buses with as many people as possible, which therefore I get crushed because I am so short. Subway, yes. Bus? I’m good. 

5. Not Being a Foreigner: Traveling is really fun and I love experiencing different foods and cultures but being a foreigner here in Chile is a little overwhelming. People constantly stare at you and at times might want to charge you more for whatever your buying because “you’re American”. I’m super stoked to be able to understand almost everyone I encounter and be able to have full conversations back home. But the plus side of being a foreigner means that you can use your American girl charm if you’re in a sticky situation and once people realize you aren’t fluent in Spanish, they’re super kind and helpful. Being American can be helpful at times!

So like I said, I have mixed emotions about leaving Chile. I could easily stay here for a month or two more but I am excited to be back in familiar surroundings with my family and friends. It’s much needed and plus, I really miss my dog, haha! 

I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity and already want to come back! I’ve grown so much in myself and I’m really proud of how I was able to be independent around this huge city! Chile, you will always be special to me.!

Here are a few, or a lot, of pictures with everything that has happened.
Not sure if I’ll blog before I leave but I’ll have some sort of closing blog. Thank you for your prayers and love! Soon, I’ll be back in the States and in the greatest state ever! Chao!


Painting a house in Valpaíriso!
Road trip to La Cruz!
Obsessed with this baby!
My sweet Pre-Kers!
La sillas musicales (musical chairs)
Look how precious they are!


So dang cute!
I’m really going to miss being called Miss de Música!
Parque Araucano!

My little best friend, Sarah!

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